Emily Kate’s Bakery is a gluten free bakery in Kansas City. We make delicious, gluten free baked goods by hand, from scratch, every day in our dedicated facility. We don’t believe being gluten free means something has to taste gluten free. After trying some of our goods, we think you’ll agree.

Most of our business is wholesale. We collaborate with bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores to create a list of products that compliment their current offerings, matching the flavor profiles and/or preparation style of everything else they offer. 

A brand new part of our business is retail custom order. We're not a traditional retail shop with a cozy cafe area for you to enjoy a cup of coffee and a gluten free cherry almond scone, but we do offer direct custom order sales to individuals. We've heard from so many people with critical sensitivities to gluten who would be more comfortable ordering directly from us that we've expanded our services to accommodate that. 

Look under WHERE TO BUY to see where you can find our products around Kansas City, or send us an email at CONTACT US with your order!


Emily Kate’s Bakery is a 100% dedicated, gluten free facility. All of our ingredients — even those that are naturally gluten free — are gluten free certified. Our flour blends are non-GMO, and we source as many local ingredients as we can, including produce, honey, and most of our dairy.